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I’m an Authorized Court Transcriptionist (ACT) and a graduate of Durham College’s Court Transcription program; I provide accurate, reliable transcription services for all levels of the Ontario court system.

I’m committed to client satisfaction and offer high-quality legal transcription services to every region in the Province. Please contact me for general inquiries or click here for a free quote and I will do my best to assist you. I look forward to working with you.


All ACTs in the Province of Ontario are mandated to charge the following rates to produce court transcripts, as per Ontario Regulation 145/22: Fees for Court Transcripts, made under the Administration of Justice Act.
To transcribe all or part of a recording and provide a certified transcript in electronic format, the greater of $25 and:To transcribe all or part of a recording and provide a certified transcript in paper format, the greater of $25 and:
To be provided within 24 hours$11.75/page
To be provided within 24 hours$12.55/page
To be provided within five business days$8.80/pageTo be provided within five business days$9.60/page
In any other case$6.30/pageIn any other case$7.10/page
For a certified transcript, in electronic format, of any part of a recording that has already been transcribed:
If ordered together with a certified transcript in paper format following transcriptionNo chargeIf ordered at any other time$25
For a certified transcript, in paper format, of any part of a recording that has already been transcribed:
The greater of $25 and 80 cents/page

Free Quote

In order to prepare your quote, I’ll need to assess the relevant court recording(s) for length and quality; to obtain the audio, a Transcript Order Form must be filed. The information below is required to complete that form.

If you’re unsure of the details of the matter you wish to order, please contact the court site where the matter was held to inquire. The directory of all Ontario court locations is here at attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca.

Order a Transcript

If you’d prefer to complete the Transcript Order Form yourself, you can view and download it here. Please fill out Sections 1-5 of the Transcript Order Form (see instructions at the bottom of the form for mandatory information) and email to afb.transcription@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a court transcript certified?

In order to be considered certified, court transcripts must include a certification page signed by the Authorized Court Transcriptionist that prepared the court transcript. Certified copies of court transcripts are always required when being used in court; photocopied transcripts are not permitted.

What does verbatim transcription mean?

Verbatim transcription is the process of transcribing audio in the exact way it is spoken for the purpose of producing a precise record of a court recording. In order to earn my Authorized Court Transcriptionist certification from Durham College, I had to demonstrate a 98% accuracy when transcribing from source audio, and I hold myself to the same standards in my transcription work today.

Are electronic copies of transcripts free?
They are if you order them at the same time as the original certified court transcript.  If you require an electronic copy but not a certified one, you will still be charged the per page rate according to your timeline. It’s the same price for a certified court transcript PLUS an electronic copy as it is to just receive the electronic copy. 
How quickly will I receive my free estimate?
Once I have received all of the required information from you, I can order recording(s) of your matter from the appropriate court location and begin preparing your quote. Please note this process takes approximately 1-3 business days; your estimate will be provided by email. 
What information do I need to place a transcript order with you?
For both Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice cases, you will need to provide all of the information required to fill out a transcript order form. Please see the Free Quote section for what information you will need to provide in order for me to request the recording(s).
Do I have to fill in the transcript order form myself?
Provided I have all of the required information, I would be more than happy to complete the order form for you.
Do you require a deposit in order to prepare my transcript(s)?
Deposits from legal counsel or government agencies are not required, but I do require a deposit from the general public before I will begin the process of preparing your transcript(s).
What forms of payment fo you accept?
I accept payments via Paypal or etransfer from the general public. I will also accept company cheques from legal counsel and government agencies.
Once the transcripts are completed, how will I receive them?
Upon completion of the transcript(s) and full receipt of payment, an electronic copy will be sent to you by email. Additionally, any certified copies that were ordered will be sent to you by Purolator courier service. 

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